4-1-18 Update.

We finally got the website back up and running, sorry for the delay. Mom wasn't feeling well for awhile and still has some medical issues. Good news though, she is thinking about selling some completed outfits online. I've been trying to keep the prototype outfits for myself for years but I understand, summer's comming and NC with a broken A/C is rough. Do you like the idea of buying Kelly or Barbie completed outfits?

Crochet Crafts By Helga

This website sells crochet patterns for clothes outfits that fit 4 - 4½″ fashion dolls such as Mattel® Kelly doll (Barbie's Little Sister), Li'l Friends dolls, Paula doll and Krissy doll (Kelly's Baby Sister, 2¾").

Our patterns are only available on this site. There are 13 different collections available, including free crochet patterns. Prices for patterns range from $1.99-$2.29. You can order patterns by adding them to our PayPal Shopping Cart. For more information about ordering, see our Ordering Information page.

Take a look-around. Enjoy!

About Helga

Helga learned to crochet while a young girl and has been crocheting for more than 50 years. Since 2002, she's been experimenting with creating clothing designs for some of the smaller fashion dolls on the market today.

Her designs are incredible, from tiny purses that really open, to intricate details like a tiny crochet fish the fisherman caught, to exquisite bead work on the evening gowns.

Pattern Usage/Copyright

Crochet Crafts by Helga outfits and patterns are of original design and are copyright protected. For more information on limitations on using our patterns after purchase and Copyright, please see our Pattern Usage Q&As page prior to ordering. All Rights Reserved.

Legal Stuff

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